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 (rē′tā′bəl, rĕt′ə-)
A structure forming the back of an altar, especially:
a. An overhanging shelf for lights and ornaments.
b. A frame enclosing painted panels.

[French, from Spanish retablo, from alteration of Catalan retaule, from earlier reataula, from Medieval Latin retrōtabulum : Latin retrō-, retro- + Latin tabula, tablet, board.]


(Ecclesiastical Terms) an ornamental screenlike structure above and behind an altar, esp one used as a setting for a religious picture or carving
[C19: from French, from Spanish retablo, from Latin retrō behind + tabula board; see rear1, table]


(rɪˈteɪ bəl, ˈriˌteɪ-)

a decorative structure raised above an altar at the back.
[1815–25; < French, = Old French re(re) at the back (< Latin retrō) + table table]
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Senor," answered one of the party, "under these cloths are some images carved in relief intended for a retablo we are putting up in our village; we carry them covered up that they may not be soiled, and on our shoulders that they may not be broken.
A more complex example is found in the much commented account of El Retablo of Maese Pedro.
He comes back to town disguised as a puppeteer and performs for an audience that includes his wife a tale about a couple that mirrors his previous relationship with the Zapatera, a performance reminiscent of another Cervantes entremes that deals with masculine anxieties: El retablo de las maravillas.
Wells also produces and hosts a television show, "New Mexican Santera," on the regional art form of retablo painting.
Dall'esordio sorprendente, ma passato sotto silenzio, di La ferita dell'aprile (1963); alla straordinaria costruzione antiromanzesca del suo capolavoro Il sorriso dell'ignoto marinaio (1976); alla quasi afasia raggiunta in Nottetempo casa per casa (1992); all'indignazione senza pih speranza di Lo Spasimo di Palermo (1998) ispirato alla morte di Borsellino; passando attraverso quel gioiello che e il cunto settecentesco Lunaria (1985) e quel particolare racconto di viaggio che e Retablo (1987).
Family a self-portrait, naive retablo on a square of a tin.
The most obvious of these is Manuel de Falla's El retablo de Maese Pedro (1923), which recreates the episode of Master Peter's puppet show (presented in the book as a story within a story) by adding many further levels of reference and narrative meaning to the two already present.
In the evenings, live Galician folk music, with its Celtic roots, echoes in the cavernous Pub Retablo with two floors--the upper one is reserved for smokers--and three bars.
Saint John the Evangelist's Vision of God, and Saint John the Evange-list's Vision of the Lamb by Alonso Cano will be part of the exhibition Alonso Canoy el Retablo de la Iglesia de Santa Paula.
Each of the nineteen active pueblos is represented with a retablo as created by author Charlie Carrillo of its patron saint, in the style of the pueblo.
El retablo de las maravillas y la construccion cultural de la masculinidad en la Espana de Miguel de Cervantes.
Las operas de Manuel de Falla: de La vida breve a El retablo de Maese Pedrol.