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 (rē′tā′bəl, rĕt′ə-)
A structure forming the back of an altar, especially:
a. An overhanging shelf for lights and ornaments.
b. A frame enclosing painted panels.

[French, from Spanish retablo, from alteration of Catalan retaule, from earlier reataula, from Medieval Latin retrōtabulum : Latin retrō-, retro- + Latin tabula, tablet, board.]


(Ecclesiastical Terms) an ornamental screenlike structure above and behind an altar, esp one used as a setting for a religious picture or carving
[C19: from French, from Spanish retablo, from Latin retrō behind + tabula board; see rear1, table]


(rɪˈteɪ bəl, ˈriˌteɪ-)

a decorative structure raised above an altar at the back.
[1815–25; < French, = Old French re(re) at the back (< Latin retrō) + table table]
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A group of beautifully painted antique Mexican Retablos (Lot 191-206) brings the auction into a slightly more modern era, along with a pair of Civil War bayonets (Lot 194;198).
The exterior is captivating, but make sure to see the retablos, or devotional paintings, inside.
The church in Maca, which was turned over to the community in its restored state in 2006, is one of the most important in the valley, Cavero says, because it is the only one that still has all of its elaborately carved wooden altarpieces, or retablos, intact.
Indeed, the absence of even partial retablos or relief panels--another fundamental product of Golden Age sculptors--is the only shortcoming in this otherwise spectacularly conceived exhibition.
Her three-dimensional pieces contain charms, beads, jewelry and layered frames that have been inspired by retablos and icons.
In conjunction with The Madonna as Muse, SAMFA will open Time of Remembrance which draws on the museum's collection of Colonial Mexican religious artifacts, santos, and retablos.
The collection of Janis and Dennis Lyon here receive public inspection for the first time under one cover, providing an excellent catalog of one of the finest collections of retablos in the world, and making for a top recommendation not only for art libraries, but for religious holdings as well.
Though designed in the style of 18th-century Spanish altar pieces, the retablos were created in 2002 and 2003 by Leonardo Soto Recendiz, a renowned Mexican artist who had done the retablo in the Cathedral of Mexico City.
LANCASTER -- Peruvian artist Claudio Jimenez Quispe will exhibit his collection of handcrafted retablos beginning Monday at Antelope Valley College's Art Gallery.
66) While Spanish religious art has always been regarded as traditional and conventional, its conventions have now been well examined: retablos, visionary devotional images in painting and sculpture, and liturgical manuscripts in Toledo, as well as general art production.
If youOre still in the mood for some sightseeing, end the afternoon at the church of Notre Dame de la Couture (Place Aristide Briand), with its attractive 14th Century facade and an interior collection of retablos and statues.
My inspiration for this lesson for my fifth and sixth grade students came from an article on Peruvian-style retablos in the December 1998 issue of SchoolArts.