a.1.Forming a network; characterized by a reticulated sructure.
Reticulose rhizopod
(Zool.) a rhizopod in which the pseudopodia blend together and form irregular meshes.
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Product R, a second-generation drug, now being investigated for various uses, is derived from the older drug Reticulose, which was for years listed in the Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR) to treat influenza, mumps and measles and was used by the U.
One, United States Patent 5,807,839 titled, "A Method for Stimulating Red Blood Cell Production," describes a use of one of the stimulation effects of Reticulose on bone marrow.
Originally, he began work on the concept of a peptide-nucleic acid solution, known as Reticulose, in 1965 as the Assistant Medical Director of Key Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Advanced Viral Research announced today that new data on Reticulose, their flagship product for the treatment of HIV and other viral diseases will be presented at the National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Conference held by the National Minority AIDS Council in Dallas Texas, November 9th to 12th and at the Frontiers in Drug Development for Antiretroviral Therapies HIV DART 2000 December 17-21, 2000.
The patients in the Reticulose test group also gained weight and experienced an improved clinical condition, compared with the control group.
After more than a decade of research on the clinical benefits of IL-2 and Ampligen and the emerging evidence that Reticulose shows promise in HIV disease, it's time to strongly encourage the FDA to change their methodology of review of IBT," said David Miller, the Program Director for Brooklyn Medical Arts AIDS CARE Center.
NYF005 08/11/2000 09:00 r p bc-NY-AIDS-activists (NEW YORK) AIDS Treatment Activists Urge Federal Clinical Studies of IL-2, Reticulose, Ampligen at Republican and Democratic National Conventions
Reticulose is presently available through a compassionate use program approved by the FDA, but many activists are claiming this is not enough.
The double blind placebo controlled study will evaluate the effectiveness of Reticulose in combination with three "cocktail type" AIDS drugs for treatment of adults infected with HIV.
RETICULOSE, the company's peptide nucleic acid preparation being developed as a non-toxic, broad spectrum, anti-viral drug, is currently under clinical study for the treatment of AIDS.
Under terms of the agreement, NCI researchers and ADVR will collaborate to elucidate the molecular mechanism by which RETICULOSE, ADVR's peptide nucleic acid preparation, affects the transcription of the gamma interferon (IFN-y) gene.
OTC BB:ADVR) announced Thursday that its scientists have discovered that its lead antiviral drug, Reticulose, inhibited the production of a key cellular receptor for HIV.