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Noun1.ganglion cell - a nerve cell whose body is outside the central nervous system; "damage to ganglion cells in the retina may play a role in the development of glaucoma"
nerve cell, neuron - a cell that is specialized to conduct nerve impulses
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The company has developed a family of novel small molecule peptidomimetics that show strong efficacy in animal models of glaucoma and has discovered novel proteins that are responsible for the specific death of retinal ganglion cells, which cause the loss of vision associated with the disease.
It has been discovered that retinal ganglion cells in our eyes are light-sensitive, particularly to blue light, and that the output of these cells goes directly to the brain's biological clock.
The researchers point out that all visual information reaching the brain is transmitted by retinal ganglion cells.
While mannose was the only carbohydrate that stimulated optic nerve regeneration in mammalian retinal ganglion cells, goldfish cells were able to utilize other carbohydrates (including glucose) and were otherwise far less restricted in the specific conditions required for their optic nerve growth.
The models tested included optic nerve transection (trauma) and ophthalmic artery ligation (ischemia) that result in the degeneration of retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) and a cortical model of focal cerebral devascularization.
Jaffar will study the effect of various non-viral carriers on targeted gene delivery to retinal ganglion cells, working under the direction of Dr.
have demonstrated that a photoreceptive "net" of specialized cells in the eye called retinal ganglion cells, which are distinct from the cells responsible for vision, are the site of the primary circadian pacemaker.
Di Polo commented: "We are encouraged by additional QPI-1007 data that further confirm protection of retinal ganglion cells in experimental glaucoma.
Preclinical data in rat models of glaucoma are also particularly encouraging because both rats and humans undergo retinal ganglion cells damage as a result of glaucoma.
Allergan's research and work with university collaborators show that cells in the optic nerve receive two types of signals -- death and survival -- that control how long retinal ganglion cells live.
QPI-1007 has been evaluated in several preclinical models of ocular neuroprotection, and has been shown in these models to protect retinal ganglion cells from injury-induced apoptosis.
Unlike traditional perimetry techniques, the Frequency Doubling stimulus selectively taps into a sparse subset of large-diameter fiber retinal ganglion cells.