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Noun1.retirement plan - a plan for setting aside money to be spent after retirement
plan, program, programme - a series of steps to be carried out or goals to be accomplished; "they drew up a six-step plan"; "they discussed plans for a new bond issue"
401-k, 401-k plan - a retirement savings plan that is funded by employee contributions and (often) matching contributions from the employer; contributions are made from your salary before taxes and the funds grow tax-free until they are withdrawn, at which point they can be converted into an IRA; funds can be transferred if you change employers and you can (to some extent) manage the investments yourself
individual retirement account, IRA - a retirement plan that allows you to contribute a limited yearly sum toward your retirement; taxes on the interest earned in the account are deferred
Keogh plan - a tax-deferred pension plan for employees of unincorporated businesses or for self-employed persons
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AIG VALIC is one of the leading retirement-plan service providers in the United States.
As part of ongoing efforts to help retirement-plan participants take full advantage of their workplace-provided retirement programs, Prudential Retirement has expanded its education and communication offerings to include a "Women & Investing for Retirement" program and an "eZ Series" of communications tools designed to increase enrollment and contribution rates.
Prudential Retirement today announced it has launched Signature Online(SM), a web-based education center that brings together the resources of Prudential and the CIGNA retirement business acquired in 2004 to offer retirement-plan participants a "best-of-both-worlds" online experience designed to help them achieve retirement security.
We believe our survey should be a 'wake-up call' to employers, to retirement-plan providers and to the nation as a whole that those nearing retirement need help in managing the payout phase of retirement, especially in light of current discussions on Social Security," he added.
NYSE: PRU) business, has introduced a groundbreaking new program to help retirement-plan sponsors mitigate their exposure to fiduciary risk.
GoldK's progressive technology and its experienced staff of retirement-plan professionals combine to give plan sponsors of any size access to some of the most sophisticated retirement plans available today.
GoldK and MSCS can now enable bank trust departments to automate mutual fund transactions and reconciliation for retirement-plan customers.
Available through leading financial advisors, GoldK delivers efficient and affordable retirement-plan services that greatly reduce the administrative burdens on plan sponsors and enhance the ability of participants to interact with their plan.
The new GoldK/NFP partnership delivers a dynamic service solution for the retirement-plan marketplace.
We can offer a breakthrough retirement-plan service that's not only affordable and easy to operate, but one that also complements our Employee Self-Service technology, which provides CBS clients and their employees with instant access to payroll records.