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(General Physics) of or relating to retroreflection


(ˌrɛ troʊ rɪˈflɛk tɪv)

of or pertaining to a surface, material, or device that reflects light or other radiation back to its source; reflective.
ret`ro•re•flec′tion, n.
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Much work remains to be done on various actions and measures to popularize the use of child restraints, the use of retroreflective elements, increasing the responsibility of the driver for the life of the child.
The uniform of dark blue color with with retroreflective elements will protect the employees of the road safety department during the night shift and in conditions of insufficient visibility on the roads.
Retroreflective (RR) optical elements play a critical role in signaling, safety, and aesthetic/styling functionality of automotive lighting.
roads, such as cutting-edge retroreflective laminates that make highway signs brighter and more visible from greater distances.
The second part of the NHTSA notice, "Lamps, Reflective Devices," addresses retroreflective material placement on truck rear and side points akin to present trailer-marking guidelines.
EYES These retroreflective safety devices are particularly useful in fog and were the first of a range of raised pavement markings.
The legal action concerned retroreflective sheeting products used on traffic signs, pavement markings and other traffic control products.
According to the report, the technology uses retroreflective materials, which reflect light with little of that light scattering back the way it came.
Products include sensors for use in the opposed, retroreflective, proximity and convergent modes.
This retroreflective text intervention was created in front of city hall in Kitchener, Ontario, for 2011's biennial CAFKA evem (cafka.
The 933 retroreflectivity system measures retroreflection (RA) and the retroreflective color of materials.
3M pioneered the development of retroreflective sheeting over 60 years ago, and it continues to be the leader meeting the changing visual requirements of motorists of all age in today's complex and demanding roadway environment," said Feghali.