Reverse operation

(Math.) an operation the steps of which are taken in a contrary order to that in which the same or similar steps are taken in another operation considered as direct; an operation in which that is sought which in another operation is given, and that given which in the other is sought; as, finding the length of a pendulum from its time of vibration is the reverse operation to finding the time of vibration from the length.

See also: Reverse

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Tenders are invited for Rotary Drill Machine 1 Percent U1ff3, 230V, 550 Watts Withi Variable Speed 550/1000Rpm, Having Drilling Dia In Metal Upto 13Mm With Forward / Reverse Operation, As Per Bosch Make Model No.
The Solicon Reversing Contactor DRC3R includes an interlock control that allows only off, forward and reverse operation in a safe mode while providing high space saving; it switches instantaneously upon application of the control voltage unless an instantaneous change of direction is commanded, then it will delay the direction change by 100msec in order to prevent simultaneous forward and reverse operations.
The system allows the user one-handed reverse operation through incorporation of a master cylinder that can be locked in place.
Two further LED arrows show whether forward or reverse operation has been selected, handy when screwdriving.
It features forward and reverse operation, variable speed control, a built in easy view LCD counter, and will mount to any handwheel with its Universal Handwheel Adaptor.
Offering 80,000 rpm forward and reverse operation, the Visao drill provides power in debulking and finesse in delicate procedures with virtually no start-up "kick.
While the mishap was the result of bad judgment, it was set up by a 1989 local modification of the dump truck that installed the hydraulic control valve and Power Take Off (PTO) in reverse operation of the norm for dump truck switches.
20-23, we returned the bulk of the equipment back to the Navy ships in a reverse operation.
She said he would sneak or creep across the gangway into her cabin and the reverse operation would happen early in the morning.
Experimental embryologists have also succeeded in the reverse operation, in which two early mouse embryos can be merged into one and then allowed to develop into a single creature.