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A drug, C21H25NO3, used as an antagonist to narcotic drugs.

[nal(trexone) + mefene (probably shortening and alteration of methylene).]
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Prozac (fluoxetine) May be useful for comorbid depression and alcohol dependence Revia* (naltrexone) Reduces craving in heavy drinkers Revex (nalmefene) Possibly increases cumulative non-drinking days Topamax (topiramate) May be useful for initiating abstinence; reduces craving Zoloft (sertraline) May be useful for late-onset alcoholic patients Zofran (ondansetron) Possibly useful for early-onset alcoholic patients SOURCE: "PHARMACOTHERAPIES FOR ALCOHOL DEPENDENCE," U.
Nalmefene hydrochloride, also known as Revex, is being given to alcoholics in Edinburgh.