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v. re·wrote (-rōt′), re·writ·ten (-rĭt′n), re·writ·ing, re·writes
1. To write again, especially in a different or improved form; revise.
2. To put (material submitted to a newspaper or magazine) in a form suitable for publishing.
3. Computers To save (a usually altered file) over its most recent version in the same storage location.
To make revisions in written material.
n. (rē′rīt′)
1. The act or an instance of rewriting.
2. Something rewritten.

re·writ′a·ble, re·write′a·ble adj.
re·writ′er n.
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Noun1.rewriting - editing that involves writing something again
editing, redaction - putting something (as a literary work or a legislative bill) into acceptable form
revisal, revise, revision, rescript - the act of rewriting something
recasting, rephrasing, rewording - changing a particular word or phrase
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The parallel string rewriting system can be used to generate pictures.
Holmquist said the most viable solution now is negotiating with the union to change the annualized pay process because rewriting system software to calculate 1,100 job classifications and pay types has proven "too difficult for consultants.
For a given term rewriting system R, narrowing is used to solve equations by computing unifiers with respect to the equational theory defined by R [Fay 1979].
In particular, the avoidance of nonterminal symbols facilitates an incremental and modular construction of the meaning of the sentence, without the need to introduce in the rewriting system explicit constructs to indicate hierarchies or modularity, as is typical of the class of Hierarchical Attribute Grammars [Carle and Pollock 1996].
The latter two properties make it possible to use PIM not only to prove equivalences, but also to model the "standard" operational semantics of a language (using a terminating and confluent rewriting system on ground terms) or to serve as a "semantics of partial evaluation" (by augmenting the operational semantics by oriented instances of the full logic).
Among their topics are the probabilistic zeta function, computing covers of Lie algebras, enumerating subgroups of the symmetric group, groups of minimal order that are not n-power closed, the covering number of small alternating groups, geometric algorithms to resolve Bieberbach groups, the non-abelian tensor product of soluble minimax groups, and the short rewriting systems of finite groups.
The direct sum of two term rewriting systems is the union of systems having disjoint sets of function symbols.
Their enthusiastic help makes me look forward to the challenge of rewriting systems, updating processes and further advancing Scottrade's development as a leading online investment firm.
Bounded, strongly sequential and forward-branching term rewriting systems.
Bluespec's EDA software toolset incorporates Term Rewriting Systems (TRS)-based synthesis, a groundbreaking technology developed by Professor Arvind and his students, to enable HW designers to generate control logic on a correct-by-compiler construction basis.
The toolset wraps SystemVerilog around Term Rewriting Systems (TRS)-based synthesis, a groundbreaking technology developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that enables control logic generation on a correct-by-compiler construction basis.