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Noun1.Rhexia - deer grassRhexia - deer grass        
rosid dicot genus - a genus of dicotyledonous plants
family Melastomaceae, family Melastomataceae, meadow-beauty family, Melastomaceae, Melastomataceae - a family of trees and bushes and herbs of order Myrtales; many are cultivated as ornamentals
deer grass, meadow beauty - any of several plants of the genus Rhexia usually having pink-purple to magenta flowers; eastern North America
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Ranunculaceae Clark Floyd Harrison Rhexia mariana L.
The ecology of pollen limitation in buzz-polinated Rhexia virginica (Melastomataceae).
In the April AMERICAN JOURNAL OF BOTANY, they analyze the wiles of the Virginia meadow beauty, Rhexia virginica.