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(Placename) the Ancient Greek name for Rhodes1


(ˈrɔ ðɔs)

Greek name of Rhodes (def. 2).
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Rhodos have a neat, fibrous root ball so generally transplant well.
Efficacy data come from Santhera's randomized, placebo-controlled RHODOS trial and from the open label Expanded Access Program, which together have demonstrated that vision loss can be mitigated or reversed in patients treated with Raxone.
Athens, Muharram 20, 1435, Nov 23, 2013, SPA -- Two people were reportedly dead and one missing on the Greek island of Rhodos a day after a heavy storm, local media said Saturday, according to dpa.
Persian occupation of the Greek cities on the Asia Minor coast, particularly Miletus (499 BC) which led to Ionic rebellion and was a cause of lengthy wars with the Greeks, resulted in migrations of educated Greeks westwards who seeked shelter in Greece, particularly on islands (Lesbos, Hios, Samos, Chios, Kos, Delos, Rhodos etc.
Twentyfive microliters of plasmid solution (U6, K2 or K3; 4 [micro]g/[micro]l each) was injected into the TA using a Rhodos 29 G syringe (BD, USA).
By observing the decisions of the Rhodos Orthodox conferences (1961-1964), the SOC thought that each orthodox church should be left with a possibility to deicide whether it will send observers (lower clergy and worldly theologians), which would not oblige the other Orthodox churches.
RHODES August 7, September 14, from Glasgow, seven nights all-inclusive at five-star Mitsis Rhodos Maris, pounds 549pp; 14 nights, pounds 799pp.
The Earlsdon gardens include an amazing array of spring flowers from azaleas to rhodos and include Liz Campbell and Denis Crowley's mature plot at 114 Hartington Crescent, Mr and Mrs V Keene at 3 Bates Road, Clare Gavin at 41 Hartington Crescent, near Viv and George Buss at No 40.
The SENTIDO Apollo Blue on Rhodos achieved third place.
Nadeau (1984:77-80) investigated Virgil, bees and the underlying references to human society, while Polleichtner (2005:115-160) looked at the use of the bee simile in Homer, Apollonius of Rhodos and Virgil, and how the latter used these insects to look at the future of Rome.
So it is that you recently found yourself at Ecofilms, the Rhodos International Film and Visual Arts Festival.
Uber sudagaische Weberknechte der Inseln Karpathos, Rhodos und Kos.