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(rŏn′də, hrŏn′thä)
A valley of southern Wales northwest of Cardiff. Coal mining was particularly important to its economy in the late 1800s and early 1900s.


(ˈrɒndə; Welsh ˈhrɔnða)
(Placename) an urban area in S Wales, in Rhondda Cynon Taff county borough on two branches of the Rhondda Valley: the area developed into a major coal-mining centre after 1807: the last coal mine closed in 1990. Pop (Rhondda ward): 4690 (2001)


(ˈrɒn də; Welsh ˈhrɒn ðɑ)

a city in Mid Glamorgan, in S Wales. 86,400.
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THIS is one of many images that show the Rhondda in all its beauty.
DIVISION ONE EAST Ystrad Rhondda 10 RGC 8 By EMYR JONES RGC were left fuming after suffering their second defeat of the season, crashing at leaders Ystrad Rhondda in a match with a number of contentious refereeing decisions.
Rhondda Fletcher, of Westgate Road, Newcastle, left his family and girlfriend behind to join the Royal Marines in 1940, only to die two years later at the hands of the Japanese.
The story of war hero Rhondda Fletcher, of Westgate Road, Newcastle, was unravelled by John Lewis employee Ian Johnson who is researching the 14 men listed on the Bainbridge Second World War memorial.
The Tylorstown-based Rhondda Rebels won no fewer than 14 titles in the past nine seasons - including four league titles, seven national cups, and three championships.
COR MEIBION CWM RHONDDA is the name of this year's charity concert, organised by Southam mayor Glesni Thomas (left).
Yesterday Allan Rogers MP for Rhondda was: "furious and dismayed".
THESE are the images that show the Rhondda in all of its beauty.
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GORSAf radio gmundo s'n dardu o Drhrbrt i Gmodd Rhondda w Rhondda Radio.
Plaid Cymru were outraged at the Rhondda MP's remarks in Parliament on Wednesday in an address about digital television service in his constituency.