Rhone wine

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Noun1.Rhone wine - any of various wines from the Rhone River valley in France
vino, wine - fermented juice (of grapes especially)
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There was watercress soup, and sole, and a delightful omelette stuffed with mushrooms and truffles, and two small rare ducklings, and artichokes, and a dry yellow Rhone wine of which Bartley had always been very fond.
For those who prefer a slightly more prosaic red from the supermarket, there's a Rhone wine whose label exudes a classic French style.
One of Napa Valley's most sought-after consulting winemakers, Celia Welch, and a Rhone wine varietal specialist who is a walking encyclopedia of barrel knowledge, Jeff Cohn, will be featured speakers at the second annual Wines & Vines Oak Conference.
I shall be hosting two Rhone wine tastings at Carruthers & Kent in Gosforth this month: Wines from the North on April 7 at 7.
AmaWaterways, a US0-based company offering luxury river cruises in Europe, has announced the launch of Rhone wine cruises.
The two-deck boat housed a restaurant, where white-clothed tables were ready set with a starter of crabmeat and white fish and a bracing Bellini, followed by rack of lamb and a scrummy chocolate concoction washed down with local Cotes du Rhone wine.
For pounds 5 or pounds 6 you can get something earthy and spicy, similar to a Rhone wine which might cost pounds 10, " said David.
Alice stewed prunes in cinnamon and Rhone wine, embroidered lingerie; her lover wrote: You are my honey honey suckle.
MOUTH-WATERING: These are the Marselan grapes, used to create Cotes du Rhone wine but thanks to climate change, British growers are increasing and more acreage is being given over to cultivating vines
If you have some idea of the kind of wine you like, such as syrah, it's easy to find out where that grape type is grown, putting you well on your way to discovering the Rhone wine that is right for your palate.
A LEADING climate change expert has said Welsh weather will soon be so hot we will be drinking Cotes Du Rhondda not Cotes Du Rhone wine in the future.