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Noun1.Richard Brinsley Sheridan - Irish playwright remembered for his satirical comedies of manners (1751-1816)Richard Brinsley Sheridan - Irish playwright remembered for his satirical comedies of manners (1751-1816)
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Joshua Luke Thompson, Mathew Huntley and Richard Brinsley Sheridan were the players on target.
1751: Playwright Richard Brinsley Sheridan (The Rivals, The School For Scandal) was born in Dublin.
Richard Brinsley Sheridan, in his triple and intersecting capacities as parliamentarian, playwright and theatre manager, is the charismatic subject of Theatres of Opposition--a study of the "complex overlap of theatrical and parliamentary-political cultures towards the end of the eighteenth century" (2).
1816: Richard Brinsley Sheridan, Irish-born playwright of School for Scandal (1777), died.
Additionally, the Abbey's founders shared a desire to create a literary culture that explored Irish themes, characters, and values, which distinguished their work from the Anglo-Irish tradition of writers like George Farquhar, Richard Brinsley Sheridan, and Oliver Goldsmith.
Kyle McElheney, son of Charles and Nancy McElheney, of Lancaster, will play the part of Snake in the Saint Michael's College major fall theater production, "The School for Scandal," the classic 18th Century play by Richard Brinsley Sheridan, transported into the 1960s.
It's from the library of celebrated playwright Richard Brinsley Sheridan and is expected to fetch pounds 800 to pounds 1,200.
Until it closed in 1787, Smock Alley staged premiers by notable Irish playwrights, among them Richard Brinsley Sheridan and his father Thomas.
11) James Morwood, The Life and Works of Richard Brinsley Sheridan (Edinburgh: Scottish Academic Press, 1985), 76, 79.
Richard Brinsley Sheridan and Britain's school for scandal; interpreting his theater through its eighteenth century social context.
As an orator he shone, even in a House of Commons that boasted the speaking abilities of Richard Brinsley Sheridan, Edmund Burke, Lord North, and Fox himself.

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