Little Richard

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Little Rich·ard

 (rĭch′ərd) Pseudonym of Richard Wayne Penniman. Born 1932.
American singer of rock music. Noted for his flamboyant style, he influenced many artists, among them Elvis Presley and the Beatles.
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Richard Penniman is the real name of which singing star?
F Carlin, Greenock A The man born Richard Penniman is still with us, aged 85.
In remembrance, we found ourselves listening to Winehouse's seminal classic, "Rehab," beautiful "Back to Black" and her more recent duet with Tony Bennett, "Body & Soul," along with Blair's great song (performed with his band, the Boyfriends) "War Zone," along with his riotous poems, "My Name is Karl" and "Little Richard Penniman Tells It Like It T-I-IS.
Richard Penniman is not and never has been a great singer.