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 (rĭk′ĭn-băk′ər), Edward Vernon Known as "Eddie." 1890-1973.
American aviator who was the most decorated combat pilot of World War I.


(ˈrɪk ənˌbæk ər)

Edward Vernon ( “Eddie” ), 1890–1973, U.S. aviator and aviation executive.
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Noun1.Rickenbacker - the most decorated United States combat pilot in World War I (1890-1973)Rickenbacker - the most decorated United States combat pilot in World War I (1890-1973)
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A Rickenbacker guitar, which was given to Starr by John Lennon in 1968, sold for $910,000 (PS600,000).
The trademark sound of The Searchers seemed to be the distinctive 12-string Rickenbacker guitar but "that's a myth," according to John.
ARMED with his trusty 12-string Rickenbacker guitar, Roger McGuinn - as part of The Byrds (he was also the lead singer) - was responsible for the 'jingle-jangle' sound on such sixties' classics as All I Really Wanna Do, Turn Turn Turn, Eight Miles High, and the definitive version of Bob Dylan's Mr Tambourine Man.
The 65 slides of unpublished colour photographs, which include many stage shots, including George Harrison with his red Rickenbacker guitar, which appeared in the film A Hard Day's Night, are said to have been taken by award-winning physicist Dr Robert "Bob" Beck, the BBC reported.
The song's opening bars feature Ringo Starr's joyously vertical drumming, Lennon's five-note freight-train blasts on harmonica, and--what really makes the two friends lean suddenly forward in their seats--the shimmering chords of George Harrison's twelve-string Rickenbacker guitar.
The band has never stopped touring and still boasts a founder member in John McNally and his trademark Rickenbacker guitar, along with Frank Allen, who joined from Cliff Bennett's Rebel Rousers in 1964.
One that would become one of the most significant in history as it plucked the strings of its owner's Rickenbacker guitar.
The burglary, in which a Rickenbacker guitar and a black Nikon camera were stolen, took place between 10am and 1.
The result is REM's return to rock and roll, their most urgent album since 1986's Life's Rich Pageant, all Rickenbacker guitar jangle, keynote bass and driving drums.
Imitation of Life is all over the airwaves at the moment, a classic REM single with a stunning chorus and Rickenbacker guitar work that sends shivers down the spine.