n.1.A little ridge.
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From [6, 7, 32], the idea of the first generation Curvelet transform is to decompose the image into a set of wavelet bands and analyze each band by a local Ridgelet transform as shown on Figure 6.
Reconstruction of ridgelet coefficients using total variation minimization", ICIEA 2007: 2007 Second IEEE Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications, pp: 2411-2414.
5]A comparative study of different window functions such as Hanning, Hamming, Blackman, Cosh, kaiser and Exponential windows and other transforms such as discrete Fourier transform (DFT), discrete cosine transform (DCT), discrete wavelet transform (DWT), Ridgelet transform (RT) has been made[6][7].
The common methods are Wigner distributions, Gabor functions, wavelet transform, and ridgelet transform.
In future work, the dictionary can be designed based on Ridgelet transform for measuring the coefficients of sparse representation and will compare the performance among these dictionaries.
A comparison of wavelet, ridgelet, and curvelet-based texture classification algorithms in computed tomography.
Various types of filters such as anisotropic diffusion (AD) [7-10], wavelets [11-16], m-band ridgelet [17, 18], adaptive [19, 20], total variation [21, 22], bilateral [23], nonlocal means (NLM) [24,25] and Ripplet [26,27] are used for reduction of speckle noise.
Several SSRT-based approaches have been proposed, such as ridgelet, curvelet and bandelet etc.
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Typical methods of watermarking were based on Discrete Curvelet Transform DCUT [4], DWT [5], DFT [6], spatial-domain schemes [7], Ridgelet transform [8, 9], and curvelet transform [10].
in computerised tomography [18, 32, 34, 29, 28], for fast summation algorithms [35, 36, 23], for moving least squares approximation [12], as fast Fourier transform on the sphere [25], or as part of the ridgelet and curvelet transforms [27, 6].
A sampling of topics: digital modulation identification by wavelet analysis, fuzzy image processing in quality control application, parallel gray code optimization for high dimensional problems, computational coronary artery bypass grafting, concept-based term weighting for web information retrieval, enhanced image/video compression using diagonal divide, the design of autonomous mobile predator and prey robots, and texture classification using ridgelet transform.