n.1.A little ridge.
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Wrapping based curvelet transform is faster in computation time and more robust than ridgelet and USFFT based curvelet transform.
Typical methods of watermarking were based on Discrete Curvelet Transform DCUT [4], DWT [5], DFT [6], spatial-domain schemes [7], Ridgelet transform [8, 9], and curvelet transform [10].
in computerised tomography [18, 32, 34, 29, 28], for fast summation algorithms [35, 36, 23], for moving least squares approximation [12], as fast Fourier transform on the sphere [25], or as part of the ridgelet and curvelet transforms [27, 6].
A sampling of topics: digital modulation identification by wavelet analysis, fuzzy image processing in quality control application, parallel gray code optimization for high dimensional problems, computational coronary artery bypass grafting, concept-based term weighting for web information retrieval, enhanced image/video compression using diagonal divide, the design of autonomous mobile predator and prey robots, and texture classification using ridgelet transform.
2L) are interpreted as coming from the dorsal side of the fish, with the medial ridge being finely crenulated by short ridgelets anteriorly and laterally.
In one type the upper surface of the scale crown is smooth and flat, and lateral ridges occur as fine longitudinal ridgelets beneath the crown plate.
a section on "Other Wavelets" that describes curvelets, ridgelets, lifting wavelets, etc
The scales are very small to small, mushroom-shaped, without any visible sculpture on the crown surface but with a relatively high neck that occasionally carries vertical ridgelets.
2 mm); crown outwardly and posteriorly raised, with wide medial ridge bearing 1-4 strong horn-like structures; lateral ridges few, long or divided into shorter segments, or separate ridgelets.