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also Rig Ve·da or Rig·ve·da  (rĭg-vā′də, -vē′də)
The most ancient collection of Hindu sacred verses, consisting principally of hymns to various deities.

[Sanskrit r̥gvedaḥ : r̥k, verse, sacred text + vedaḥ, knowledge, veda; see weid- in Indo-European roots.]


(rɪɡˈveɪdə; -ˈviːdə)
(Other Non-Christian Religious Writings) a compilation of 1028 Hindu poems dating from 2000 bc or earlier
[C18: from Sanskrit rigveda, from ric song of praise + Veda]


(rɪgˈveɪ də, -ˈvi də)

n. Hinduism.
one of the Vedas, a collection of 1028 hymns.
[< Skt ṛgveda]
Rig-ve′dic, adj.
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Noun1.Rig-Veda - a Veda consisting of a collection of Hindu poems dating from before 2000 BC
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Max Muller puts the date for Rig Veda to be around 1500 BC, while Bal Gangadhar Tilak, based on astronomical alignments, puts the period to around 8000- 10000 BC and Yakobi puts it to be around 5000 BC," Ramesh Bhardwaj, head of the Sanskrit department, told M AIL T ODAY .
A part of our very first Vedic text, the Rig Veda, is said to have been composed in Afghanistan.
The Hindu sacred text Rig Veda says, "Truth is one.
If you think texts like the Rig Veda and Popol Vuh are reliable guides to the goals and techniques of advanced lost civilizations, then Transhumanism offers a compelling slate of spooky coincidences.
Here one can pick out Jared Klein's article on "stylistic repetition" in the Rig Veda.
The findings of this study demonstrated that the effects of Amanita muscaria were related to the type of preparation employed, and that the often-toxic effects of Amanita muscaria were considerably reduced by preparations that paralleled those described for Soma in the Rig Veda.
She finds inspiration in Hindu literature's Mahabharata, India's Rig Veda, the Greek pantheon, Norse mythology, and the cave art of Baja California.
The CBSO Youth Chorus's girls, accompanied by harp, sang winningly in Holst's third set of Choral Hymns from Rig Veda making their conductor Julian Wilkins justifiably proud.
The method is an age-old phenomenon invented in India and is described in detail in the Rig Veda.
Pretakalpa, Narayan Dhakal's new novel, acquires its name from a story about Dalit liberation in the Rig Veda.
Specifically, he says, the Rig Veda, which is considered by Hindus to be a sacred text and is commonly dated to around the eighth century BC, is probably much older--and quite likely originated with the ancient peoples who once inhabited Iran and its surrounds.
In addition, the sacrificial altars mentioned in the oldest scriptures, the Rig Veda, the Epic of Gilgamesh, and the five books of Moses, are generally thought to be open-air altars.