Right honorable

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a title given in England to peers and peeresses, to the eldest sons and all daughters of such peers as have rank above viscounts, and to all privy councilors; also, to certain civic officers, as the lord mayor of London, of York, and of Dublin.

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McCleskey: United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Administrator Mark Green met today with The Right Honorable Priti Patel, M.
Marvi Memon on winning the prestigious Speaker's Democracy Award, conferred on her by the Speaker of the House of Commons, Right Honorable Mr.
The Lord Mayor of London, Right Honorable Alderman Fiona Woolf visited the BIBF in Manama, Bahrain, to meet with Senior Management and discuss opportunities for improved support from UK-based universities.
In following the Welfare Reform Act through Parliament, I found the lack of concern and empathy amongst the right honorable ladies and gentleman in the House of Commons for their most disadvantaged constituents who will sufferer greatly because of the act, appalling.
The Right Honorable Lord Mostyn, whose family owns part of Llandudno, officially re-opened Llanrhos Old School in Llanrhos.
Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) the Right Honorable the Lord
Let me remind the Right Honorable Bob Ainsworth that he should take his responsibilities seriously and, at this time, he is responsible for ensuring that expenditure on the armed forces is sufficient for purpose, especially given the difficult tasks with which they are charged.
If they couldn't smoke outside, what would single mothers living in the country's dilapidated public housing do for enjoyment, the Right Honorable Dr.
NPCA will present the Right Honorable Jean Chretien, Prime Minister of Canada, with the World Park Leadership Award in honor of his initiatives to expand Canada's park system.
Earlier this year, world experts and leaders in agriculture convened as part of the World Agricultural Forum (WAF) Advisory Board of Directors, chaired by The Right Honorable James B.
and Right Honorable George Carey spoke Sunday at the centennial celebration of the Los Angeles Diocese of the Episcopal Church.