n.1.A musical instrument formerly in use, consisting of several sticks bound together, but separated by beads, and played with a stick with a ball at its end.
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Mr David Rigoll, Executive Director of ISR Capital, commented, "I welcome Mr Chen Tong into this key leadership role within the Company.
Versteekte Markovmodelle word byvoorbeeld al vir baie jare met groot sukses in spraakprosessering aangewend (Lee, 1989; Rigoll, 1994; Tokuda et aL, 1995), terwyl verskeie ML-tegnieke gewild is in onder andere die inligtingonttrekkinggemeenskap (Bikel et aL, 1997; Collins & Singer, 1999).
The reports and the recent placement will allow TREM to commence with confidence our efforts to secure a pilot production permit and bulk sampling," said Mr David Rigoll, Executive Director of ISR Capital.