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1. Stirred up emotionally; upset.
2. Roiled; turbid.


1. (Biography) Bridget (Louise). born 1931, English painter, best known for her black-and-white op art paintings of the 1960s
2. (Biography) Gina. born 1961, Australian television actress and writer, best known for playing 'Kim' in the comedy series Kath & Kim (2002–07)


the life of Riley a luxurious and carefree existence
[C20: origin unknown]


(ˈraɪ li)

James Whitcomb, 1849–1916, U.S. poet.


- Has two meanings: thick and turbid, or angry and irritable.
See also related terms for thick.
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Noun1.Riley - United States poet (1849-1916)Riley - United States poet (1849-1916)  


[ˈraɪlɪ] N to live the life of Riley (Brit) → darse buena vida


n to live the life of Riley (Brit inf) → leben wie Gott in Frankreich (inf)
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believe; for Riley looks Lawyer Wakem i' the face as hard as one cat looks another.
Riley, had been apparently occupied in a tactile examination of his woollen stockings.
I want Tom to be such a sort o' man as Riley, you know,--as can talk pretty nigh as well as if it was all wrote out for him, and knows a good lot o' words as don't mean much, so as you can't lay hold of 'em i' law; and a good solid knowledge o' business too.
But them fine-talking men from the big towns mostly wear the false shirt-fronts; they wear a frill till it's all a mess, and then hide it with a bib; I know Riley does.
When my odd friend Riley and I were newspaper correspondents in Washington, in the winter of '67, we were coming down Pennsylvania Avenue one night, near midnight, in a driving storm of snow, when the flash of a street-lamp fell upon a man who was eagerly tearing along in the opposite direction.
If the matter is so pressing, you will prefer that we visit the delegation tonight," said Riley, in a voice which had nothing mocking in it--to an unaccustomed ear.
yes," said Riley, meditatively, "you are right again.
Riley stood silent, apparently deep in a reverie, during a minute or more, then he looked up and said:
So saying, Riley blandly turned on his heel and left the astonished school-teacher standing there, a musing and motionless snow image shining in the broad glow of the street-lamp.
I was goin' teh lick dat Riley kid and dey all pitched on me.
Riley has converted its existing loan to bebe into shares of bebe common stock and has acquired additional shares resulting in B.
Riley has made an equity investment in bebe to create a tax efficient platform, which is intended to be leveraged for investments in profitable businesses.