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(used with a sing. or pl. verb) A pâté made of pork, goose, or other meat that is chopped, seasoned, and slowly cooked in fat.

[French, from diminutive of Old French rille, long strip of fat pork, dialectal variant of earlier reille, shingle, plank, from Latin rēgula, straight piece of wood, lath; see reg- in Indo-European roots.]


(rɪˈlɛts; riːˈjɛt)
pl n
potted meat, usually pork, similar to pâté
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brAfter some excellent pork rillettes for starters and some very palatable house wine, Raje suggested we should share our two main courses in order to sample the menu.
Sitting at the bar among a diverse neighbourhood crowd with one of the restaurant's 15 wines by the glass to accompany stout cheeses and rillettes de lapin, you would have no reason to suspect that you're in anybody's idea of a swamp, much less a drain-worthy one.
You can choose from a number of choices to start including egg benedict, calamari or mackerel rillettes then follow it up with, among other choices, plaice, chicken seabass or steak frites.
Meat products with coarse texture and fine type Rillettes / Pts / Mousses.
Not only did I make that lovely green tomato jam, which we served with the roast chicken rillettes, if you remember, but I also took advantage of a surfeit of beautifully ripe Provencal plum tomatoes to make a recipe I'd had in my notebook for ages, a sweet tomato jam.
Another is Pulled Pork with Peppered Vinegar and a dish of Pork Rillettes.
Serve the rillettes with leaves of chicory -- its bitterness is very good against the richness of the salmon -- the caper creme fraiche and some rye bread, if you like.
The menu features dishes including gravlax made in house, duck rillettes on homemade bread and zaru soba dressed with chukka wakame and black sesame.
Location Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi Cost Dh200 per person (includes food and beverages for National Day party); Dh750 for festive hamper (includes festive season cookies, traditional German stollen, a bottle of bubbly, truffle honey, chocolate truffles, duck rillettes and smoked salmon with 24 carat leaves Contact +971 2 690 9000
A sneak peek of the menu showed William's Steak Tartare, homemade carbonara, duck rillettes and tarte tatin.
At the Union Square farmers market in New York City, Fredrick Coleman chats with his customers about confit and rillettes.
I particularly enjoyed a thieved corner of Mrs Diner's smoked salmon rillettes.