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(used with a sing. or pl. verb) A pâté made of pork, goose, or other meat that is chopped, seasoned, and slowly cooked in fat.

[French, from diminutive of Old French rille, long strip of fat pork, dialectal variant of earlier reille, shingle, plank, from Latin rēgula, straight piece of wood, lath; see reg- in Indo-European roots.]


(rɪˈlɛts; riːˈjɛt)
pl n
potted meat, usually pork, similar to pâté
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SMOKED SALMON RILLETTES, AVOCADO & WATERCRESS CREAM A super starter that fish and meat eaters alike will love.
Previously, in our house, brunch was the festive spread designed to a) fill the gap between dawn selection boxes and my frankly slovenly 5pm Christmas lunch and b) provide my once-a-year opportunity to introduce bonkers food stuffs into the boring breakfast menu, such as cranberry and walnut bread, artisan chipolatas, pomegranate champagne cocktails, mini pain au chocolats, kumquat preserve and rillettes du porc.
You can stick a pin in the map and you'll be within a stone's throw of some wonderful local speciality, whether it's the mustards of Dijon or the rillettes of Le Mans.
I like to set out a board with assorted cheeses-including our own--along with salumi, salmon rillettes, homemade mustard, jardiniere pickles, and 'bread and butta' pickles.
Lot 4 rillettes of mackerel 1/10 OF (amount amount over 3 years minimum 300,000 boxes, up 750,000 boxes).
the offers fare, Soup is followed by a French Market Table buffet with a choice of fresh seafood, crustacea, charcuterie, pates, rillettes and a selection of salads, vegetables and freshly baked artisan breads.
It showed ourish from the kitchen which was matched by the pork rillettes, slow-cooked, shredded pork belly, whisked together in its own fat and served as a pat e in a ramekin with crusty bread.
There are also chilli chocolate strawberries, pigeon-filled rillettes, popping candy and an erupting chocolate fig.
The two appetizers we didn't try were rillettes de saumon ($7), a pate-like spread of salmon, soft French cheese, butter and chives; and gratin d'escargots ($10) -- six snails baked with cheese on a base of mushrooms, garlic, roux and parsley.
He used his grant from Innovation Networks to buy a range of kitchen equipment to produce confit meat products - which are cured and slow cooked in oil or fat - from pheasant, rare breed or Gloucester old spot pork, grass fed beef and duck, and confit derived products such as rillettes, cassoulet and confit sausage.
The market will sell everything from pickled beets, fruit spreads, cheeses, breads and yogurts to jar-preserved sturgeon rillettes and duck confit.