Rim-fire cartridge

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a cartridge in which the fulminate is contained in a rim surrounding its base.
(Mil.) See under Cartridge.

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Lipfire is a unique development of the rim-fire cartridge.
22 rifles of some makes and models occasionally break firing pins that jam the front section into the bolt face, thus leaving its point to protrude sufficiently to indent and fire a rim-fire cartridge before the bolt can fully close and chamber the round.
44 Henry rim-fire cartridge, and its bullet would have been way-small for the .
Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson never did manufacture a cap and ball revolver, but rather brought forth the first cartridge-firing sixgun, actually a seven-shooter, in the first rim-fire cartridge, the lowly little .
22 rim-fire cartridges and had a barrel less than 60.