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An ancient or medieval settlement or farmstead fortified with a circular bank, ditch, or stone wall, situated usually on a hill or promontory in northern Europe, and especially in Ireland.
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The Crusheen man insisted ill luck will follow all those involved in clearing the tri-vallate ring fort, which is estimated to be thousands of years old, adding it is a question of when and not if fairies take their revenge.
A push after the last ignites a lope to the summit, marked by a ring fort large enough to hold five, maybe six horses and protected by law from alterations.
Dublin, Feb 26 (ANI): New findings by a team of archaeologists has suggested that a mysterious ring fort in County Tipperary in Ireland may have held a sports arena during the Bronze Age.
The boy has come a long way from the days when he took fearful beatings in his local Thai boxing ring fort wodollars a time, just to earn enough money to eat.
Assessing known ring fort locations within Fiji can reveal patterns of fort locations within this diverse landscape.
Last year they unveiled a multi-million pound interpretative centre in Killaloe, east Clare dedicated to him - within walking distance of the High King's old ring fort at Kincora.
It has breathtaking scenery and ruins including the famous Dun Aonghasa ring fort.
A TEAM of archaeologists is investigating what is believed may be the ruins of an ancient ring fort.
A FARMER who destroyed an ancient ring fort on his lands was yesterday fined EUR25,000.