Rio de la Plata

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Río de la Plata

(ˈriːəʊ də lɑː ˈplɑːtə)
(Placename) See Plata
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Noun1.Río de la Plata - an estuary between Argentina and UruguayRio de la Plata - an estuary between Argentina and Uruguay
Argentina, Argentine Republic - a republic in southern South America; second largest country in South America
Uruguay - a South American republic on the southeast coast of South America; achieved independence from Brazil in 1825
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Had the stern of the ship been fixed, and the forepart broken off, I am persuaded I might have made a good voyage; for by what I found in those two chests I had room to suppose the ship had a great deal of wealth on board; and, if I may guess from the course she steered, she must have been bound from Buenos Ayres, or the Rio de la Plata, in the south part of America, beyond the Brazils to the Havannah, in the Gulf of Mexico, and so perhaps to Spain.
ABSTRACT Recent range extensions of the invasive rapa whelk Rapana venosa, biological data of the population and possible ecological impacts on the food webs of the Rio de la Plata estuary are presented.
Uno de los lugares preferidos de los buscadores de tesoros es la desembocadura del Rio de la Plata, a un costado de Buenos Aires.
Investigacion cientifica para la gestion ambiental integrada de espacios acuaticos compartidos, el desafio es pasar de las palabras a los hechos: El caso del rio de la Plata y su frente maritimo (RPFM).
The Guarani under Spanish Rule in the Rio de la Plata.
It was first produced over 100 years ago in the Rio de la Plata region as a means of preserving the copious supplies of milk during the summer.
Today's Bolivia was, when the War of Independence started in 1809, part of the Viceroyalty of Rio de la Plata, Buenos Aires.
Abstract--The reproductive biology of the whitemouth croaker (Micropogonias furnieri) inhabiting the estuarine waters of the Rio de la Plata (Argentina-Uruguay) was studied by using histological analysis of the ovaries.
The ``grand village'' of 12 million people on the banks of the Rio de la Plata is squinting into the international spotlight as Hollywood unleashes its $60 million biopic of the infamous 1950s Argentinian first lady Evita Peron.
Starting with his birth in Seville, detailing his eight year expedition of the American Southwest, and culminating with his governorship of Rio de La Plata, Varnum shows how De Vaca stood for the rights of native peoples.
GODOLPHIN'S triple Group 1 winner Rio De La Plata has been retired and will begin his stud career at the Haras du Logis in Normandy next year, writes Martin Stevens.