rip cord

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rip′ cord`

1. a cord on a parachute that, when pulled, opens the parachute for descent.
2. a cord fastened in the bag of a passenger balloon or dirigible that, when pulled, will rip or open the bag and let the gas escape, causing the balloon to descend rapidly.
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5Mm Annealed Tinned Copper Conductor Pvc Insulated Colour Coded Twisted Pair Pvc Sheathed With Nylon Rip Cord To Tec Specification No.
Sequential measurement markings on the cable jacket and an integrated rip cord offer easy installation, and termination is compatible with Siemon's Z-MAX 6A shielded outlets, Ruggedised Z-MAX 6A shielded outlets and TERA 7A outlets and plugs.
He was able to pull his rip cord on his parachute at 10,000 feet.
The new outer jacket design is durable and tough yet easy to remove when needed, and there's no rip cord to delay installation time.
Twice her rip cord has failed to open and twice she just made it in time, hugely boosting her confidence, even if it felt terrifying at the time, she points out.
Once anchored over a large underwater summit, marine crews manoeuvred an on-board crane to swing bags of crushed china weighing a tonne each and, with the pull of a rip cord, released the non-toxic china pieces into the water.
30 (77m) Dash: Turner, Rip Cord, Wor Kate, Miss Rock, Sugar Ray.
On April 19, 1919, Leslie Leroy Irvin made the world's first free fall parachute descent using a rip cord, rather than using a canister or tether line attached to the aircraft to pull open the parachute.
hedge funds that own 75% of the airline could be reaching for the rip cord on British billionaire Richard Branson's foray into the U.
With a light wind on his back, he crossed the famous cliffs in just over nine minutes and even completed some loops before spending some four more minutes in the air after pulling the rip cord on his parachute.
A small rip cord is included to make accessing the MicroDuct quick and easy.
Rodney Jones pulls the rip cord on a golden rail switch front board.