risk management

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risk′ man`agement

the techniques used to minimize and prevent accidental loss to a business.
risk′ man`ager, n.

risk management

The process of identifying, assessing, and controlling, risks arising from operational factors and making decisions thatbalance risk cost with mission benefits. Also called RM. See also risk.
gestion de risques
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From the perspective of risk communication, this news report tried to provide more clarification and to assuage the public fear.
The CDC warns that healthcare facilities should educate workers about antimicrobial pesticide hazards, promote the use of personal protective equipment, and implement effective risk communication strategies to prevent bystander exposure.
The provision of this information, known as risk communication, is far from clear-cut (Thompson et al 2005).
The FDA developed its strategy for addressing risk partly in response to Institute of Medicine recommendations issued in 2006 and at the behest of its relatively new Risk Communication Advisory Committee, launched in 2007.
OPS is looking to these stakeholder groups to help develop general guidance in the areas of Protecting Communities, Protecting Transmission Pipelines and Risk Communication and have formed task teams around each of these areas.
The Food and Drug Administration's new Risk Communication Advisory Committee will be made up of 15 experts and patient advocates who will help communicate safety information on drugs, medical devices and other regulated products, according to a notice posted on the agency's Web site last week.
Other topics of the symposium include RoHS/WEEE impact on design; wireless telemetry; process development case studies; substrate materials for medical electronics; design challenges; environmental constraints; emerging technologies; advanced deanliness requirements; advanced packaging for medical electronics; reliability assessments; software security; safety & risk management; warranty analytics; risk communication and software regulation.
These reports recommended improvements in the following four areas: intra-Center communication, postmarket data systems, risk communication efforts, and enforcement strategies.
Many organizations, such as the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, the World Health Organization, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, have determined that risk communication is one of the most important strategies to respond to an influenza pandemic.
Seligman represents our efforts to consolidate responsibility for developing Center-wide drug safety policy as well as coordinating our efforts in the area of risk communication.
As part of our ongoing commitment to drug safety and risk communication, we conducted a broad search for a candidate to lead our initiatives in this area," explains CDER director Steven Galson.
Reported results of poor risk communication practice on this issue include increased fear and confusion in northern communities, changes in the dietary behaviour and traditional lifestyles of their residents, and associated impacts on their society, economy, and health.

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