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 (rĭ-sôr′jə-mĕn′tō, rē-zôr′jē-)
The period of or the movement for the liberation and political unification of Italy, beginning about 1750 and lasting until 1870.

[Italian, from risorgere, to rise again, from Latin resurgere; see resurge.]


1. (Historical Terms) the period of and the movement for the political unification of Italy in the 19th century
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the period of and the movement for the political unification of Italy in the 19th century
[Italian, from risorgere to rise again, from Latin resurgere, from re- + surgere to rise]


(rɪˌzɔr dʒəˈmɛn toʊ, -ˌsɔr-)

n., pl. -tos, -ti (-ti)
1. the period of or the movement for the liberation and unification of Italy 1750–1870.
2. (l.c.) any period or instance of renewal or resurgence.
[< Italian, <risorg(ere) to rise again (< Latin resurgere; see resurge)]
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Furthermore, opera served as a vehicle for nationalist expression until political unification occurred (Simonetta Chiappini, "From the People to the Masses: Political Developments in Italian Opera from Rossini to Mascagni" in The Risorgimento Revisited: Nationalism and Culture in Nineteenth-Century Italy, ed.
Its name pays homage to Risorgimento statesman Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour, who was mayor of Grinzane for 17 years.
uk Italy - 7nts B&B twin centre in Puglia from PS995pp with 3nts at the 5* Risorgimento Resort in Lecce then 4nts at the 4* Masseria Montelauro near Otranto from PS995pp inc flights from Gatwick on Aug 26 with easyJet and car hire.
It is difficult to agree on a date for the start of the Risorgimento .
His works were decisive for the independence of Italy during the Risorgimento in the 19th century.
Beginning "with an actual act of overhearing" a Florentine child singing "bella liberta," the poem's speaker presents herself as an eavesdropper viewing events of the Risorgimento through a window, becoming a "witness" to historical events (391).
The Mayo Clinic, 2014 DI Risorgimento Award Winner, provided expertise to develop a medical and health care based element in the AVA Reset Council Challenge.
Martone adapted this novel, historical events of the Risorgimento that led to Italian unification in 1861, and Senso, Luchino Viconti's melodramatic representation of byzantine internal conflict.
Like many Jesuits, Nobili abandoned an uncertain future during Italy's Risorgimento for the perilous life of a missionary in North America.
He was responsible for publishing, The Leopard, which chronicles the changes in Sicilian life and society during the Risorgimento, when the Italian middle class rose and formed a united Italy.
In his latest work, Viroli examines the attempts to create a religion of liberty in three historical epochs: the free republics of the late Middle Ages, the nineteenth-century Risorgimento, and the antifascist Resistenza of the twentieth century.