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 (ro͝or′ĭk, ro͞o′rĭk) Died c. 879.
Scandinavian warrior and the founder of the dynasty that ruled Russia until 1598.


(ˈrʊərɪk) or


(Biography) died 879. Varangian (Scandinavian Viking) leader who founded the Russian monarchy. He gained control over Novgorod (?862) and his dynasty, the Rurikids, ruled until 1598


(ˈrʊər ɪk)

died a.d. 879, Scandinavian prince: considered the founder of the Russian monarchy.
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13) Although noble by birth, descended from Prince Mikhail Vsevolodovich of Chernigov and in the line of descent from Riurik, like many other members of the Russian nobility, Odoveskii had to work in government service to support himself.
43) According to the Stepennaia kniga, a genealogy compiled early in Ivan's reign, the House of Riurik which had ruled Russia since the ninth century descended from a fictitious Prus, a "close brother" of "holy" Augustus, who governed the Roman provinces (sic) of Prussia in what is now northern Poland.
7) Not only do Western scholars typically treat the Riurik dynasty as originating in a band of invading Scandinavians, but quite often many aspects of old East Slavic culture are reduced to Scandinavian importations.