Rio de la Plata

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Río de la Plata

(ˈriːəʊ də lɑː ˈplɑːtə)
(Placename) See Plata
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Noun1.Río de la Plata - an estuary between Argentina and UruguayRio de la Plata - an estuary between Argentina and Uruguay
Argentina, Argentine Republic - a republic in southern South America; second largest country in South America
Uruguay - a South American republic on the southeast coast of South America; achieved independence from Brazil in 1825
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It's a popular weekend retreat for 'portenos', as the citizens of this huge metropolis by the River Plate estuary are known.
Three days later, the Spee was scuttled in the River Plate estuary.
It was just after dawn on the morning of December 13, 1939, that the Royal Navy attack squadron commanded by Commodore Harwood first got to grips with Graf Spee near the River Plate estuary between Uruguay and Argentina, in South America.