drainage basin

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drainage basin


drainage basin


drainage area

(Physical Geography) another name for catchment area

drain′age ba`sin

the area drained by a river and all its tributaries. Also called catchment area , drain′age ar`ea. Compare watershed (def. 1).
[1880–85, Amer.]
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Noun1.drainage basin - the entire geographical area drained by a river and its tributariesdrainage basin - the entire geographical area drained by a river and its tributaries; an area characterized by all runoff being conveyed to the same outlet; "flood control in the Missouri basin"
detention basin - a storage site (such as a small reservoir) that delays the flow of water downstream
retention basin - a storage site similar to a detention basin but the water in storage is permanently obstructed from flowing downstream
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BAGUIO CITY, Philippines Three major river basins in the highland Cordillera region may come back to life through a proposed rehabilitation plan.
The application of a river basin-scaled EF tool in river basins of Paraguay
PRCS used to maintain the 264-kilometer-long Pampanga River basin, the fourth biggest among 20 major river basins in the country.
Envelope curve developed for Indus and Jhelum River basins is obtained by using the recent data as well, can be used for the estimation of peak flood discharge that has occurred in the specific region within these catchments and compared with the curve for Danube River basin.
ISLAMABAD -- Effective management of river basins and development of wetlands along the major tributaries should be the vital part of the strategy to reduce flood risk especially during monsoon season, a senior official of the Ministry of Climate Change said Sunday.
Manila, Philippines The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) will embark on a project to re-establish over a million hectares of watershed areas in four of the country's major upper river basins.
The announcement comes as a new report from Frontier Economics for HSBC reveals that by 2050, the top ten river basins by population are expected to produce a quarter of global GDP - a figure greater than the combined future economies of the United States, Japan and Germany - and a sharp increase from a current contribution of 10 per cent.
The bank, in partnership with WWF, WaterAid and Earthwatch, is expecting to deal with water risks in river basins and bring safe water to over a million people through the programme.
The nine most populous river basins are in growing and fast-growing markets.
The Indian legal framework surrounding water issues, water rights, and development in river basins is explained, and institutional reforms related to water issues are described.
The trend is true for snow pack totals in the Columbia River, Missouri River and Rio Grande River basins as well.
Nearly 4,500 of these river basins are active, providing fresh water and sediment flow to the coastal regions.