River herring

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(Zool.) an alewife.

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While river herring will spawn in freshwater during their April run, Atlantic herring spawned in early winter on the open-ocean bottom in schools that can be miles across and packed with millions of fish.
Part of the Tilbury House Nature Book series of picturebooks that educate as well as entertain, and deliberately avoid anthropomorphizing animal characters, Swimming Home is a story about river herring (commonly known as "alewives"), who must migrate from saltwater to freshwater in order to spawn.
Amendment 1 to the interstate fishery management plan for shad and river herring.
Designed to establish timely and effective fish passage specifically for fish species such as blue-black herring, alewives, shad and other native species, the capacity of the new fishway is anticipated to enable up to 200,000 river herring and 20,000 shad to pass up the river annually.
OTHER NAMES: big-eyed or river herring, golden shad, grey herring, mulhaden, sawbelly, seth, skipjack
which will provide extensive habitat for spawning river herring, Atlantic salmon, American shad and American eel.
Massachusetts is in the first year of a three-year state ban oil harvesting, possessing or selling river herring.
Cleanup leaders are looking for more than just water-quality benefits: Building fish passages for troubled migratory species such as shad and river herring has been a major goal.
Last year featured a wonderful spring run of shad - but disastrous runs of once-prolific river herring and Atlantic salmon.
Reconnecting more than 40 miles of the Mill River in Massachusetts to allow native fish like the river herring to reach their traditional spawning grounds upstream (Columbia Gas of Massachusetts).
Tidal Freshwater, 458-710 mm (n =43) river herring 50% white perch 25% gizzard shad 22% unk.
River herring are leading the way, as always, with a few already entering southern New England runs.