traffic light

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traffic light

A road signal for directing vehicular traffic by means of colored lights, typically red for stop, green for go, and yellow for proceed with caution. Also called stoplight, traffic signal.

traffic light


traffic signal

one of a set of coloured lights placed at crossroads, junctions, etc, to control the flow of traffic. A red light indicates that traffic must stop and a green light that it may go: usually an amber warning light is added between the red and the green

traf′fic light`

a set of electrically operated signal lights used to direct or control traffic at intersections.
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Noun1.traffic light - a visual signal to control the flow of traffic at intersectionstraffic light - a visual signal to control the flow of traffic at intersections
light - a visual warning signal; "they saw the light of the beacon"; "there was a light at every corner"
go-ahead, green light - a signal to proceed
red light - the signal to stop
yellow light - the signal to proceed with caution
feufeu tricolore
jelzőlámpaközlekedési lámpa
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Currently, Mohammad Bin Zayed City and Ras Al Akhdar area are both home to these road signal control systems which aim to enhance the smooth flow of traffic.
It involves construction of six flyovers to make the entire Ring Road signal free.
The PML-N always contests elections on the basis of performance and referred to various projects, including the China-Pak Economic Corridor, Orange Line Train, Metro Bus and Jail Road signal free, which had increased popularity of the party, he added.
RAWALPINDI -- The project to make Murree Road signal free and control the flow of traffic is in doldrums due to lack of interest by political personalities of the city.
He is in clear breach of the Road Safety Act 1988 which states all road users must comply with the indication given by the road signal.
Third, freight mobility is limited by inefficiencies in how infrastructure is used, such as poor road signal timing and prices paid by users that do not align with infrastructure costs, resulting in congestion.
Before the Bailey Hill Road signal, turn left on Brittany Drive.
As per divisional commissioner and chairman Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) Zahid Saeed, under pass will be constructed in joint collaboration with RDA and CDA to make Agha Shahi road, Cricket Stadium road and IJ Principal road signal free and round about will be built therein.
Shahid Siddique vice chancellor has designed the following route for shuttle service, which will begin from Zeropint to Pakistan monument stop, Faizabad and double road signal.
A couple of underpasses, one at Sixth Road Chowk and the other at Double Road Chowk, are also a part of the project to make Murree Road signal free up to Faizabad for streamlining the traffic flow.
Tenders are invited for Work of Shifting of 220 KV Gopalpur-Mandola D/C, O/H Transmission line to facilitate the construction of outer ring road signal free corridors.
Tenders are invited for Spl Repair To Md Accn Block No P-81 At New Mandla Road Signal Records And Certain Repair To Sunken Floors Under Ge (West) Jabalpur