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Noun1.street sweeper - a worker employed to clean streets (especially one employed by a municipal sanitation department)street sweeper - a worker employed to clean streets (especially one employed by a municipal sanitation department)
cleaner - someone whose occupation is cleaning
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The road sweeper toppled over and started smoking, above; the footage shows children walking away from the vehicle
Carruthers, of Deacon Close, North Walbottle, told the court he only drank alcohol after he crashed the road sweeper.
Prosecuting, James Long told Newcastle Magistrates' Court: "The allegation is that he was driving a Newcastle City Council road sweeper when he collided first with a Jehovah's Witness stand next to Haymarket Metro Station.
A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: "Crews arrived to find a man on the floor after falling from his bike when in collision with the road sweeper.
GOING NOWHERE Police called to warehouse talk to one of the lorry drivers, above left, and also to the owner of the road sweeper who had blocked exit from the site
London, December 17 ( ANI ): Duchess Kate, who seems to be proud of her descendants being coal miners and road sweepers, has blue blood ancestry as well, researchers say.
AN PENSIONER claims street cleaners left rubbish piling up in his lane for six weeks, at a time when Cardiff council is cutting road sweepers by more than a third.
Trevor Reaney, chief executive of Craigavon Council, accepted the challenge offered by his staff and will become a refuse collector and road sweeper for the day on Thursday.
National tabloid newspapers enthusiastically took up their tale - and the resulting wave of public sympathy prompted a change of heart by their owner, a road sweeper who had raised them in his back yard to eat.
Dougie Graham Berry Brow retired council road sweeper
I have never seen a road sweeper going along this road or any council staff picking up the rubbish, so please, please do something about it, you are all to blame - half the road is in Liverpool then it runs into Kirkby.
Cannon Park residents are not very happy with their roads, especially near Newport School, which are disgraceful due to the lack of a road sweeper and these people are paying community tax.