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Noun1.Robert's Rules of Order - a book of rules for presiding over a meeting; written by Henry M. Martin in 1876 and subsequently updated through many editions
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In addition to being masters of the commonly used Robert's Rules of Order and other methods to ensure well-run meetings, a parliamentarian is expected to make sure board members keep their comments relevant to what is being discussed and prevent crosstalk.
While Robert's Rules of Order, or the traditional parliamentary style of decision-making used in many churches, can work for simple decisions that are aggregated and passed by consent, for complex and divisive issues, Christian churches need a decision process that does not result in a combative, winner-take-all approach to church life.
Robert's Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority in all cases not covered by the Nurses Act, Bylaws, Rules or Standing Rules.
O'Neill said he recused himself from the vote because he did not agree with the bid, but according to Robert's Rules of Order, a recusal from a vote normally occurs when there is a conflict of interest.
There will be so many "calls to order" and "points of process" and "moves to suspend" that each cable news outfit will have Robert's Rules of Order experts on-camera, daily, to explain what, exactly, is happening (and more likely, what, exactly, isn't happening) and why.
Robert's Rules of Innovation II: The Art of Implementation
One such duty is serving as parliamentarian for meetings of the Council and Executive Committee, so I always carry my copy of Robert's Rules of Order with me to those meetings.
The Constitution is now deemed to be the basic document under the modern Robert's Rules of Order, and specifics can be pinned down by a Policies and Procedures Manual, now under development.
On Wednesdays, Miss Pacheco's second year English class was practicum on Robert's Rules of Order.
In the wake of last Fall's guest-edited "numero monografico," the Spring 2015 issue of Cervantes returns us to what Robert's Rules of Order might call our "usual order" of publication; which is to say, nearly all of the articles that appear in the following pages were submitted, peer-reviewed, and accepted for publication through our usual double-blind submissions process.
In Southbridge and Webster, Robert's Rules of Order will yield to protocols about excessive end-zone celebrations, and, perhaps, having too many men in the huddle.
She is a subject matter expert in many areas, especially Robert's Rules of Order.