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Noun1.Robert Adam - Scottish architect who designed many public buildings in England and Scotland (1728-1792)
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At its peak, Chippendale's company worked with other specialists, such as the architect, Robert Adam, to furnish rooms or houses.
Mr Robert Adam, director of cleansing, revealed:"We have taken several car numbers where people have been unloading refuse on the pavement.
It was renovated in 1772 by architect Robert Adam and the building is praised as "the finest example of his work in Northern England.
1728: Robert Adam, architect of the classical style, was born in Kirkcaldy.
The tower was designed by architect Robert Adam in the Gothic Revival style - an architectural movement that began in the late 1740s.
Family and friends filled Wallneuk North Church in Paisley to celebrate all that Robert Adam - known as Bert - has done in his life.
Synopsis: Co-founded by Robert Adam, ADAM Architecture has a worldwide reputation for traditional Western design.
Designed by Robert Adam and built between 1777 and 1792, Culzean is today one of the most popular attractions owned by the National Trust for Scotland, intro with nearly a quarter of a million visitors a year.
Edited by Robert Adam, Christopher Stone, Steven D.
Robert Adam Ritz was paid $4,000 by the university, according to a contract posted this week on UOmatters.
TODAY FEAST OF 1728: Robert Adam, architect of the classical style, was born in Kirkcaldy.
Amy Elizabeth Wheeler*, Meghan Elizabeth Wilkie, Robert Adam Wimpory and Elisabeth Sarah Withers.