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Noun1.Robert Adam - Scottish architect who designed many public buildings in England and Scotland (1728-1792)
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Designed by Robert Adam and built between 1777 and 1792, Culzean is today one of the most popular attractions owned by the National Trust for Scotland, intro with nearly a quarter of a million visitors a year.
1728: Robert Adam, architect of the classical style, was born in Kirkcaldy.
Robert Adam Ritz was paid $4,000 by the university, according to a contract posted this week on UOmatters.
Sue Scott, chairwoman of Women Into Single Housing, was pictured receiving the money from the jumble sale organisers (from left) Rosalind and Robert Adam, Jenna and Daniel Cliffe, Kate Adam, Leah Cliffe and Danielle Turner.
The hall was built by Robert Adam for the renowned landscape designer Thomas White, a pupil of Capability Brown.
Robert Adam, Glasgow I AGREE with reader Jeff Murray.
TODAY FEAST OF 1728: Robert Adam, architect of the classical style, was born in Kirkcaldy.
Amy Elizabeth Wheeler*, Meghan Elizabeth Wilkie, Robert Adam Wimpory and Elisabeth Sarah Withers.
The ushers were William Neal Carpenter and Robert Adam Duncan.
The Duke took his classical studies seriously, even commissioning the young Robert Adam to refurbish all three of his main residences; meanwhile, Baroness Percy indulged her penchant for visiting Germany and the Low Countries, where she acquired an interesting collection of Dutch paintings.
In some ways, Piranesi was the dark side of the Enlightenment, while his friend Robert Adam epitomised the light.
Basics SOME are pieces of great architectural importance, some demonstrate the extraordinary craftsmanship of names such as Robert Adam, some are quirky and unusual - and all are fine examples of their period.