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Noun1.Robert De Niro - United States film actor who frequently plays tough characters (born 1943)
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The online-only auction event is being held from November 8 to 24 and features a private collection of wine, art and authentic, rare autographed memorabilia from Robert DeNiro, James Gandolfini, Muhammad Ali, Oscar De La Hoya, and many more.
I didn't intend to watch this movie, but when my initial choice was jam packed, I saw the movie poster: The Bag Man, starring John Cusack and Robert DeNiro.
He has appeared in films with Robert DeNiro and Sigourney Weaver, been directed by Tim Burton, chased Winona Ryder around a deserted Blackpool theme park and written his own TV show.
She was pictured with the show's legendary director Martin Scorsese - who also directed Robert DeNiro as Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver.
Mick Jagger, Lauren Bacall, Robert DeNiro, Bjork and Samuel Beckett are among the famous names snapped by photographer Jane Bown.
30pm) comedy sequel, with Robert DeNiro, left returning as a Mob boss who fakes a nervous breakdown to get out of jail.
Following the example of Jerry Seinfeld and Robert DeNiro, comedian Chris Rock attacked Donald Trump and the Tea Party Republicans for raising questions about where President Barack Obama was born.
An all-star cast including Robert DeNiro, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba and Steven Seagal add to the cinematic mayhem that is Rodriguez's signature and - trust me - Machete is not for the faint-hearted or those easily offended.
The film follows Ben Stiller's character, Greg Focker, as he tries to be a good father and impress his own father-in-law, Jack Byrnes, played once again by Robert DeNiro.
PRODUCER PART: Robert DeNiro plays Ben with Catherine Keener as Lou Tarnow
The Long Island luxury car dealership caters to music, entertainment and sports industry stars like Jennifer Lopez, Wyclef Jean, Robert DeNiro and Jay Z.
He also appeared in ``15 Minutes'' with Robert DeNiro and Ed Burns, ``A Time for Dancing'' with Peter Coyote, and ``Along Came a Spider'' with Morgan Freeman.