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Noun1.Robert Gray - American navigator who twice circumnavigated the globe and who discovered the Columbia River (1755-1806)Robert Gray - American navigator who twice circumnavigated the globe and who discovered the Columbia River (1755-1806)
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Robert Gray mentions how he and his team adjusted the hydrogen emission frequencies they searched to allow for the blueshift caused by the Andromeda Galaxy's relative motion toward us.
Columbia Rediviva (ship of Captain Robert Gray when he discovered the river)
Dated: 14/05/2016 By Order of the Board Michelle Hickey Robert Gray
Robert Gray, 33, of no fixed address, has been charged with three burglaries in the east Tynedale area.
Robert Gray, 27, got into the back yard of the home on Warton Street, North Ormesby, Middlesbrough, forced his way into the house and carried out a "messy search".
A week later, Horner and the 23-year-old man confronted another couple, Clare Coyle and Robert Gray, walking in the street in Stepney accusing Coyle of dressing inappropriately in a Muslim area and that she would be punished in "hellfire".
Robert Gray (author); DAYLIGHT SAVING; George Braziller Publishers (Nonfiction: Poetry) 15.
The businessman had found relatives of Robert Gray, the Glasgow stonemason who repaired the Stone, living in East Kilbride, Lanarkshire.
Robert Gray, 45, from Westport, Co Mayo, was killed and his driver injured in an ambush in the southeast of the country near the border with Cameroon on Thursday.
Regular reader Robert Gray reckons she might have been a peace-loving environmentalist who was only planning to put the brick in the cistern to save water.
Kokas, who holds the roles of senior VP, general counsel, chief human resources officer and secretary, succeeds Robert Gray who held the position for five years.
The Iraqi immigrant did make contact with the police 999 control room but, before he could utter a single word, thug Robert Gray punched him once, knocking him to the ground and causing fatal head injuries.