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Noun1.Robert Walpole - Englishman and Whig statesman who (under George I) was effectively the first British prime minister (1676-1745)Robert Walpole - Englishman and Whig statesman who (under George I) was effectively the first British prime minister (1676-1745)
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Ten years later he was allowed to come back and attempted to oppose Robert Walpole, the Whig statesman who for twenty years governed England in the name of the first two Georges; but in the upshot Bolingbroke was again obliged to retire to France.
He wrote it because of the politics of our first de facto Prime Minister Robert Walpole.
1735: Sir Robert Walpole became the first Prime Minister to move into 10 Downing Street.
When Brown died on February 6, 1783, Horace Walpole, the Earl of Oxford and son of Britain's first Prime Minister Robert Walpole, wrote: "Lady Nature's second husband is dead.
WHILE YOU'RE THERE Nearby is Houghton Hall, built in the 1720s for Sir Robert Walpole, Britain's first Prime Minister.
In 1723 Sir Richard Gough, a landowner from the Calthorpe Estate in Edgbaston persuaded then Prime Minister Sir Robert Walpole to make a donation of PS600 from King George I.
The house was built in the early 1700s by England's first prime minister, Sir Robert Walpole.
Alan Powell Manchester A The British Museum has a satirical cartoon from 1738, the year before the war started, showing Captain Robert Jenkins handing his severed ear to a swooning Prime Minister Robert Walpole, while his friends lift off his wig to show the scar.
HOUGHTON HALL was built in the eighteenth century by Sir Robert Walpole, on the site of his father s earlier home, which he deemed unfit to display the art he had assembled while Paymaster-General serving King George I, then First Lord of the Treasury, succeeding to Chancellor of the Exchequer, and finishing with Prime Minister.
When Sir Robert Walpole was hoovering up practically every old master that came on the market in the mid-18th century, it wasn't only about bolstering his political clout (well beyond his means, which is why Catherine the Great was able to get almost the whole lot for the Hermitage a generation later).
BRITAIN'S LOST TREASURES RETURNED: HOW HOUGHTON GOT ITS ART BACK (9pm BBC Four) HOUGHTON Hall in Norfolk was once the home of Britain's first prime minister Robert Walpole who amassed one of the greatest art collections in Britain.
As Alan has been keen to point out over the years, Norfolk has bequeathed to the world a litany of stars from Queen Boadicea and Sir Robert Walpole to Hannah Spearritt from S Club 7.