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n.1.(Zool.) The chaffinch; - called also roberd.
2.A military engine formerly used for throwing darts and stones.
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He also predicts that we'll see a couple of Tier 1s merging in 2004, though Robinet is not convinced that Arvin Meritor's bid on Dana is going to spark off a major wave of first Tier consolidation
It cost $2 per hour to fly and the instructors were teachers at the high school," Robinet said.
It's really an opportunity to bring buyers in at an earlier age then they would be able to,' said Mike Robinet, vice-president of global forecast services with CSM Worldwide, which consults with the automotive industry.
Charley Robinet, 24, faces up to 37 years in federal prison when he is sentenced Aug.
Harriette Gillem Robinet, an African American, Roman Catholic, wife, mother, grandmother, Bible student, and author of historical fiction for middle-grade children.
The Japan disaster has had a profound effect on the automotive industry," said IHS Automotive Director Michael Robinet, noting that 13 percent of the global automotive industry is shut down and companies have lost 320,000 units of production since the quake.
Contact person: Frdric Bomme / Hendrick Robinet DCSID/RLT/SDAI/BAM Tlphone: 01 30 97 94 51 / 01 30 97 96 63
If I'm asked to bury Said Kouachi, I will refuse categorically,'' said Arnaud Robinet, the mayor of Reims, the city in northeastern France where Said Kouachi, the elder of the two brothers, had settled several years ago.
On ne sait jamais Alors, des qu'il y a le moindre pepin, meme si ca n'est que le fait d'avoir avale un peu d'eau du robinet en se brossant les dents, on va illico presto voir l'un des innombrables maEtres Bobos.
The 17th century Old Forge, on the Knoydart peninsula in Inverness-shire, has been bought by Jean-Pierre Robinet, 42.
SATURDAY John Hegley: The Adventures Of Monsieur Robinet, The CatStrand, Castle Douglas Forget the rough and tumble of the world outside and lose yourself to the charms, poetry and wit of Hegley and the unusual habits of a funny old Frenchman.
Dr Richard Picking (front) of Glyndwer University, pictured in the prototype smart kitchen with John Ap Richard, chair of Wrexham Access Group, and research developer Alexia Robinet Picture: ROBERT PARRY JONES