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n.1.(Zool.) The chaffinch; - called also roberd.
2.A military engine formerly used for throwing darts and stones.
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A1/2 Ils savent qu'Ea l'instant mE[logical not]me oE ils discuteront avec le Hamas, IsraE1/2l fermera le robinet, de sorte qu'ils doivent bien rE[umlaut]flE[umlaut]chir Ea ce qu'ils prE[umlaut]fE rent e, a dit le haut gradE[umlaut].
Andre Robinet examines the philosophical part of Ramus's work in "La posterite cartesienne du combat rameen et ramist: Le lieu de lieu: lieu, etendue, espace.
This advanced member of the AViiVA line scan family combines the best of our technology associating higher performance and ease of use," commented Christophe Robinet, Atmel's Camera Marketing Manager.
Walking to the Bus-Rider Blues by Hariette Gillem Robinet, Aladdin, January 2002 $4.
In addition to 181 months in prison, Charley Saturmin Robinet, 24, was fined $200,000.
No one has done more than Isabelle Robinet, both in scholarly and popular venues, to illuminate the many and varied aspects of traditional, especially medieval, Taoism.
The papers contain a number of references to and names of agents who assisted Noel with the work of surveillance and investigation, not to mention entrapment: Antoine, Brisset, Robinet, Saint-Andre.
By Harriette Gillem Robinet, a writer in Oak Park, Illinois.
Charles Robinet Duffo, Managing Director of Henner - GMC Services, "For the past ten years, we have generated an ongoing strategic partnership with XN Financial which has leveraged Henner - GMC Services platform and XN Financial's product reach.
Une grande panique s'est emparee des habitants du quartier Draa dans la commune de Beni Messous, apres la consommation de l'eau de robinet de mauvaise qualite.
Robinet said the government had insisted he allow the elder brother to be buried in Reims because according to French law residents of a town have the right to be buried there.
Belgian Jean-Pierre Robinet, who bought the Old Forge two years ago, said: "We are really happy to have won this accolade.