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 (rō′kə, rô′-), Cape
A cape of western Portugal on the Atlantic Ocean west-northwest of Lisbon. It is the westernmost extremity of continental Europe.


(Placename) Cape Roca a cape in SW central Portugal, near Lisbon: the westernmost point of continental Europe


(ˈroʊ kə)

Cape, a cape in W Portugal, near Lisbon: the western extremity of continental Europe.
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About this time there arrived in our town one Vicente de la Roca, the son of a poor peasant of the same town, the said Vicente having returned from service as a soldier in Italy and divers other parts.
They brought her back to her unhappy father, and questioned her as to her misfortune, and she confessed without pressure that Vicente de la Roca had deceived her, and under promise of marrying her had induced her to leave her father's house, as he meant to take her to the richest and most delightful city in the whole world, which was Naples; and that she, ill-advised and deluded, had believed him, and robbed her father, and handed over all to him the night she disappeared; and that he had carried her away to a rugged mountain and shut her up in the eave where they had found her.
And tomorrow, they will try to win and show that there are those possibilities," Roca said.
Today, ROCA involves a flaw that was discovered in a software library used by Infineon Technologies AG Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs), Smart Cards and Secure Elements (SEs) to generate RSA private keys.
In this role, Roca will serve as a sovereign analyst covering the Latin America region.
Meanwhile, the Roca brothers and Bottura are keen on sustainability and reducing food waste.
Quisimos inyectar un mortero especial para unificar y consolidar la roca que se estaba deteriorando mucho.
The company now owns and controls 100% of the Roca Honda Project, which is one of the largest and highest-grade uranium projects in the United States.
NYSE MKT:UUUU; TSX:EFR), a leading producer of uranium in the United States, has completed the acquisition of Sumitomo Corporation's 40 percent interest in the Roca Honda Project.
He said: "The ROCA test gives us greater accuracy and is more affordable than ultrasound and existing tests.
The ROCA Test uses a woman's age, menopausal status, risk status, and serial blood measurements of CA 125 to produce a score that indicates current likelihood of having ovarian cancer.