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Noun1.Rocephin - a parenteral cephalosporin (trade name Rocephin) used for severe infection of the lungs or throat or ears or urinary tract
cephalosporin, Mefoxin - one of several broad spectrum antibiotic substances obtained from fungi and related to penicillin (trade names Mefoxin); addition of side chains has produced semisynthetic antibiotics with greater antibacterial activity
brand, brand name, marque, trade name - a name given to a product or service
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During hyperthermia treatment, Rocephin antibiotic was administered in addition to Flagyl.
A visiting nurse came each day to give her a shot of the antibiotic Rocephin.
The team recovered injections and medicines included injections of Rocephin, Risek, Avilox, Propofol and medicines namely Augmentin, Brufin, Ciproxin, Myambutol etc.
s (New York) heart medicine Capoten set to come down by 35% and Roche AG's (Basel CHE) antibiotic Rocephin by 30%.
She also ordered an intramuscular injection of Rocephin.
We gave him a shot of Rocephin and sent him with some Ultram and instructions to go to the hospital immediately.
Our team started Emma on Rocephin (a third-generation cephalosporin antibiotic), and it was felt that this antibiotic would most certainly cover all the likely organisms, including E.
The product is AP-rated and equivalent to Rocephin (Roche Holding AG).
In July, the Food and Drug Administration posted an alert on its MedWatch Web site informing health care professionals that ceftriaxone sodium for injection, marketed as Rocephin by Roche, "must not be mixed or administered simultaneously with calcium-containing solutions or products, even via different infusion lines.
A good example is cephalosporin (generic name) and a few of the brand names you might see: Ancef, Ceflin, Keflex, Rocephin, and Zinacef.
Amoxicillin/clavulanate * Augmentin Azithromycin * Zithromax Cefdinir * Omnicef Cefixime * Suprax Cefpodoxime * Vantin Cefprozil * Cefzil Ceftriaxone * Rocephin Cefuroxime * Ceftin Clarithromycin * Biaxin Erythromycin-sulfisoxazole * Eryzole, Pediazole Gatifloxacin * Tequin Levofloxacin * Levaquin Loracarbef * Lorabid Telithromycin * Ketek TMP-SMZ * Bactrim, Cotrim, Septra, Sulfatrim
The new study contains their first report of a strain resistant to Rocephin as well.