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 (rŏj′ərz), Richard 1902-1979.
American composer known for his musical comedies, especially his collaborations with Oscar Hammerstein II, including Oklahoma! (1943), South Pacific (1949), and The Sound of Music (1959).


(Biography) Richard. 1902–79, US composer of musical comedies. He collaborated with the librettist Lorenz Hart on such musicals as A Connecticut Yankee (1927), On Your Toes (1936), and Pal Joey (1940). After Hart's death his librettist was Oscar Hammerstein II. Two of their musicals, Oklahoma! (1943) and South Pacific (1949), received the Pulitzer Prize


(ˈrɒdʒ ərz)

Richard, 1902–79, U.S. composer.
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Noun1.Rodgers - United States composer of musical comedies (especially in collaboration with Oscar Hammerstein II and with Lorenz Hart) (1902-1979)Rodgers - United States composer of musical comedies (especially in collaboration with Oscar Hammerstein II and with Lorenz Hart) (1902-1979)
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