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All these started as a joke, but with the overwhelming support and encouragement of no less than Mayor Rody and his supporters, I cannot just set this aside,' Go said in a statement.
Both the Philippines and the US face serious drug problems, which is why it is not surprising that President Trump understands what President Rody Duterte is trying to do to eradicate the drug menace.
Edited by Jorg Barkhausen, Achim Rody, and Fritz K.
A week after officially announcing his candidacy, Mayor Rody Duterte is at the top of presidential surveys with a 38 percent share of would-be votes.
Esta, a su vez, esta divorciada de Rody Aragon, con quien tiene una hija.
Sin mar a thachair dha Rody Gorman Dihaoine agus e sa "local" aige, taigh-osta Eilein Iarmain anns an Eilean Sgitheanach.
A minute later Rody Collins, below, Derry were level totally against the run of play.
Known as the "fishartista," Kim Rody paints all things tropical including fish, turtles and palm trees.
Rody rewards patience "We came so, so close to giving up with him," trainer Tom George revealed after Rody had taken his record over fences to three wins from four starts in the 2m handicap chase.
The expose led to the resignation of former FAS chief Rody Molloy, and, ultimately to the downfall of the shamed agency.
Imaginatively written and delightfully illustrated by Michelle Edwards, "Chicken Man" is a third edition release of a classic children's tale about a chronically cheerful kibbutz worker in Israel named Rody who became known to all as Chicken Man.
government has stalled for more than a decade on the asylum case of Rody Alvarado, who was repeatedly raped, abused and threatened by her husband in Guatemala.