Roe, Richard

1.(Law) A fictious name for a party, real or fictious, to an act or proceeding. Other names were formerly similarly used, as John-a-Nokes, John o', or of the, Nokes, or Noakes, John-a-Stiles, etc.
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Gwernyfed's tries came through Barry Price, Steve Harley, Darren Roe, Richard East and Sam Morris, while Corey Dylan kicked nine points.
Their return to form followed a blip last week in which Gavin Henderson, Hans Enoksen, Paul Martin and Leon Stewart-Hilliard were held to a surprise 2-2 draw by Kenilworth's James Roe, Richard Sharman, Tom Holmes and Bill Devitt.
72 - Per Nyman (Swe), Terry Price (Aus), Arjun Atwal (Ind), Tony Johnstone (Zim), Peter Hedblom (Swe), Adam Scott (Aus), Peter Fowler (Aus), Roger Chapman, Stephen Dodd, Steve Webster, Alessandro Tadini (Ita), Klas Eriksson (Swe), Peter Baker, Sebastien Branger (Fra), Mark Roe, Richard Bland, David Park, Tobias Dier (Ger), Mark Pilkington, Rolf Muntz (Ned), Anthony Wall, Mathias Gronberg (Swe), Christophe Pottier (Fra), Mikael Lundberg (Swe), Gary Evans, Mark James, Fredrik Andersson (Swe)
Story, Chris Roe, Richard Roe, Erik Arnesen, Jesse Negron, Juliann Jannus, Mark Kornweibel.