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 (rō′blĭng), John Augustus 1806-1869.
German-born American engineer who designed and began the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge. The project was completed (1883) by his son Washington Augustus Roebling (1837-1926) and daughter-in-law Emily Warren Roebling (1843-1903).


(ˈroʊ blɪŋ)

1. John Augustus, 1806–69, U.S. engineer, born in Germany.
2. his son, Washington Augustus, 1837–1926, U.S. engineer.
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Noun1.Roebling - United States engineer (born in Germany) who designed and began construction of the Brooklyn bridge (1806-1869)Roebling - United States engineer (born in Germany) who designed and began construction of the Brooklyn bridge (1806-1869)
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Reporters marveled, for example, over the fact that Emily Roebling took over her husband's role as lead engineer on construction of the Brooklyn Bridge in the late 1800s when he became too ill to continue in that capacity.
He received the American Society of Civil Engineers Roebling Award in recognition of lifetime achievement in structural engineering and was presented Old Dominion Universitys Outstanding Alumni and Friends Humanitarian Award.
And few have belonged to a bridge more absolutely than Washington Roebling, who took over the building of Brooklyn's finest upon its engineer's death.
A new mortgage in the amount of $1,900,000 on a three-story, five-unit multifamily property located on Roebling Street in Brooklyn, NY.
Roebling Medal from the Engineers' Society of Western Pennsylvania.
Roebling Suspension bridge, the city's icon, built in 1856 (though it took 10 years to finish its construction due to economic hardships and the Civil War).
On January 18,1915, saboteurs cut the fire-alarm system wires of the Roebling Company, a world leader in the manufacture of structural steel located in Trenton, New Jersey.
We built some of the world's most famous ships, including ae1/4o[umlaut]Dubai', the world's second largest private yacht at 162 metres and the MV Savarona, which was the largest in the world when it was launched in 1931 for American heiress Emily Roebling," Huet said.
This separation propagated and persisted for centuries until the spectacular return of design-build in the 19th century in the USA through the design-build wire rope suspension bridges of the German immigrant John Augustus Roebling.
There's also what he calls his proudest role yet, as civil engineer Washington Roebling in a drama called Brooklyn Bridge, plus a new version of the Frankenstein story.