rogues gallery

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rogues'′ gal′lery

a collection of portraits of criminals and suspects maintained by the police for identification.
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Two of the suspects were later recognized by witnesses from the rogues gallery of the Quezon City Police District's Masambong station.
Then visit the rogues gallery to meet the most famous pirates to ever set sail.
The son of Acclamation then went to Chester where he clashed with the consistent Rogues Gallery over five furlongs, pushing on for the win by half a length despite the fact he had suffered a less than perfect passage.
christine points out marvellous features Rogues gallery "We have a 'rogues gallery' of family photos upstairs on the landing, which we all love to stop and look at to remind ourselves of past occasions and friends and family we love.
Yes, Batman shows up, as do a number of better-known members of his rogues gallery.
HM Revenue & Customs published the FBI-style rogues gallery for the first time a year ago.
Law enforcement chiefs have published a rogues gallery of 145 criminals they believe pose a massive threat to society.
A ROBBER who was caught after his mugshot was posted on a police's online Rogues Gallery has been jailed for four-and-ahalf years.
Since West Midlands Police launched their rogues gallery more than 13,000 have visited the site.
1871: The Rogues Gallery was started - when photographs of all Britain's prisoners were taken.
It was about three years ago that Robbins, best known as an award-winning actor, director, screenwriter and political activist, was involved in a film project that went south and unwittingly paved the way for his new album, Tim Robbins and the Rogues Gallery Band.
Making your way through a mazelike nuthouse in your pursuit of the Joker, you'll encounter most of the villains in Batman's rogues gallery.