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v. t.1.See Royne.
n.1.A scab; a scurf, or scurfy spot.
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Thats who we call our patriot client its the highest form of loyalty when people walk up to 6 kilometres in 30C heat to enjoy our product, says Roin Khalvashi, director of the Batumi Brewery.
Roin, Intellectual Property Versus Prizes: Reframing the Debate, 81 U.
supra note 120, at 338; Julie Roin, Competition and Evasion: Another Perspective on International Tax Competition, 89 GEO.
Professors Lee Anne Fennell and Julie Roin have described that the financial stakes of homeowners are important in describing the extent to which they will be civic-minded and cooperative.
Fairness]; Julie Roin, Competition and Evasion: Another Perspective on
like to thank Professor Benjamin Roin for his excellent teachings of
Roin received the 24th Arrow Award for the best paper in health economics for the paper, "Do Firms Underinvest in Long-Term Research?
A recent study by Eric Budish, Benjamin Roin, and Heidi Williams empirically assesses the effects of easy early patenting when combined with the pressures of FDA approval and market races.
In the context of healthcare and drug development, a recent study by Budish, Roin, and Williams (2015) provides important evidence on how IP policy decisions influence the direction of research and ultimately the biopharmaceutical medicines that are developed.
We thank Will Baude, Omri Ben-Shahar, Ryan Bubb, Stephen Choi, Ryan Doerfler, Brian Galle, Lee Fennell, Michael Gerrard, William Hubbard, Aziz Huq, Saul Levmore, Richard McAdams, Gillian Metzger, Jennifer Nou, Nathan Richardson, Julie Roin, Karen Bradshaw Schulz, Lior Strahilevitz, David Strauss, Mark Templeton, and David Weisbach, and participants in workshops at the University of Chicago Law School, Columbia Law School, and the 2015 American Law and Economics Association Annual Meeting, for helpful comments and conversations, and Jonathan Hawley, Ellen Murphy, Jullia Park, Paul Rogerson, Paulina Wu, and Morgan Yates for excellent research assistance.
Parity though lasted barely two minutes as de Vincenti rose above everybody to head past Roin, the Paphos keeper.
Many thanks to Reuven Avi-Yonah, Steve Bank, Dan Halperin, Leandra Lederman, Bill Popkin, Julie Roin, and Joe Thorndike for their comments on earlier versions of this Review.