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 (rô-läN′), Romain 1866-1944.
French writer whose varied works include Jean Christophe (1904-1912), a series of satirical novels. He won the 1915 Nobel Prize for literature.


(French rɔlɑ̃)
(Biography) Romain (rɔmɛ̃). 1866–1944, French novelist, dramatist, and essayist, known for his novels about a musical genius, Jean-Christophe, (1904–12): Nobel prize for literature 1915



Romain, 1866–1944, French writer: Nobel prize 1915.
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The two ladies had accompanied Henry, and some other guests who went away at the same time, to the railway station, and had just driven back to the house, when the servant announced that 'a person of the name of Rolland was waiting to see her ladyship.
Rolland was in my service before she became the Countess's maid.
Rolland, I have no objection to be your reference, under the circumstances.
Rolland mysteriously closed her eyes--as if to exclude some vision of the lost courier which was of a nature to disturb a respectable woman.
Rolland went on, with a grim enjoyment of the bewilderment which her reply had produced in Agnes: 'And when I insisted on an apology, Miss, he had the audacity to say that the life at the palace was dull, and he didn't know how else to amuse himself
Rolland answered, with a hard solemnity expressive of respect for his lordship's memory.
Rolland, with an undisguised relish of the disappointment that she was inflicting.
Rolland lifted her large hands, covered with rusty black gloves, in mute protest against the introduction of Baron Rivar as a subject of inquiry.
We see that mammals and birds are better able to stretch out and extend their habitats, meaning they adapt and shift much easier,' said Jonathan Rolland, a Banting postdoctoral fellow at the biodiversity research centre at University of British Columbia and lead author of the study.
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Susquehanna analyst Christopher Rolland estimates that AMD (AMD) and Nvidia (NVDA) likely benefited from more than $500M in Ethereum-related GPU sales in Q4 and believes this trend continued in the first few weeks of 2018.
Matilde Morcillo El consul general Bernardo Rolland de Miota y los sefardies de Paris durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial Certeza-Riopiedras, Zaragoza, 2016, 228 pp.