Roller table

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(Horology) a flat disk on the arbor of the balance of a watch, holding the jewel which rolls in and out of the fork at the end of the lever of the escapement.

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These roller table motors trips frequently because of the uneven distribution of the load that is acting on the rollers because of the change in slab's shape as it is heated in the furnace.
Compact, totally enclosed non-ventilated (TENV / IC410) roller table motors are available with ring fins or straight fins.
It was first compiled in 1947, when a "typical" basket might contain unskinned wild rabbit, lamp oil, a rubber roller table mangle for wringing out washing and a tin of distemper - a type of paint mixed with water and glue.
It consists of a chain-driven roller table with parallel rollers that rotate toward the front of the machine.
Completed cases are automatically discharged onto a free roller table.
The source to the magazine has further suggested that Affleck has totally lost control and he was recently spotted making a beeline for a roller table in Ontoria, reported the (http://www.
GEA Procomac Artis Evo can handle every kind of packaging, from cartons, cans, cases to small two--single-serve bottle packs, thanks to the flexibility of the upstream layer preparation, either with a traditional system with divider and roller table or with a Polaris EVO manipulator step-by-step layer forming on the positive modular belt.
International Award -- `Modified transfer rolls at Ingot Casting Machine', submitted by D Kumar, N Prabhakar, C M Hugos and P Kadirvelu, which entailed in-house modification of the roller table used to transfer hot ingots from shearing to the cooling booth.
The dual direction, powered roller table conveyor system features variable travel speeds from 1-20 ft.
It consists of a roller table that conveys harvested chilis and trash through a series of rotating cylinders.
Roller table lamp in aluminium, from pounds 45, Bo Concept (0845 605 0565)
Most innovative, however, is the pioneering use of rows of ball-bearing type linear guide rails that allow trim tools to be rolled in and out of the side of the press on a roller table.